Switching between mils and mm
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ELAN4566 1 month ago
For my PCB design, very often I have to switch the units from mils to mm and vice versa. Is it possible to display both the mils an mm in the appropriate fields (X/Y Location, Width,Height, Hole, ...) and also in the PCB Information dialogue or in the measure view. Or generally: Wherever a mil or mm size is displayed. Example: 125.000mils (3.175mm) or if units is mm: 3.000mm (118.110mils)
andyfierman 1 month ago
What you ask is not possible but if this feature is important to you then please consider changing the **Category** of this topic to that of **Feature Request**.
cjohnson 4 weeks ago
This doesn't solve your problem, but the Q key is a shortcut that switches between units quickly.
UserSupport 4 weeks ago
most apps doesn't show two unit at the same time, that make property more width, only the measure tool will show them at the same time
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